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January 6, 2008

I haven’t been doing much knitting this first week of 2008. This may be because I’m not all that interested in the projects I’ve got going. Presented for your approval : a Kusha scarf (malabrigo laceweight & Habu stainless silk) and several rows of a Shetland Shawl in a merino cashmere blend I got in Vancouver.

Kusha scarfShetland shawl

I’m just not feeling the love here. The Kusha may have to be ripped out and restarted with a larger needle. It’s just not as loose as it should be. As for the Shetland Shawl…the idea of 80 or so inches of laceweight knitting isn’t all that appealing to me. Either I need a little project to push these two along or I just need to let them sit for a while.

Meanwhile, my new sewing machine is getting quite a bit of use. I took a little trip to Value Village earlier this week and found not only cheap patterns in my size, but an awesome bag of patchwork squares for only a dollar. I’ve already sewn the smaller ones together.

patchwork squares

And finally, I got the package of fat quarters that I ordered from Purl Soho right after Christmas. These are mainly for practicing on. There’s no point in learning the basics with uninspiring fabric, I say. I’ve already made a small tote bag out of two of these.

fat quartersfat quarters
fat quartersfat quarters

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