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Ode to a lost hat

January 25, 2008

Nearly everyone who knows Sir knows that he’s slightly absent minded. He has a tendency to leave his cell phone at home, his credit card in bank machines and his cat loudly begging for pettings at his feet.

Once upon a time, there was the tale of the hat that was blogged too late. The loss of this hat (handknit, by a loving girlfriend and then lost TWICE) led to a hatless year for Mr. NotCharles.

Then there was the birth of the chocolate milk Boyfriend Hat (still going strong, knock on wood).

But since The Boyfriend has now become The Husband and since it was Christmas and since I had some extra Malabrigo I thought I’d start a Christmas Hat tradition and the Camo Hat was born.

Camo Hat

Knit in 2×2 rib, it was green and soft and squishy and made say ahh whenever he put it on. And he wore it happily, for two whole weeks…

…and then he lost it on the metro.

But they still make Malabrigo, and I still have hands and needles and knowhow, so there will be other hats. Someday.

Goodbye sweet hat, goodbye.

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