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Project Spectrum Three!

January 29, 2008

Project Spectrum 3 starts on Friday and here are my plans for it.

-The theme this year is elements, and I’ll be following along.
Feb / Mar – FIRE – orange, red, pink
Apr / May – EARTH – green, brown, metallics
Jun / Jul – AIR – gray, white, yellow
Aug / Sep – WATER – blue, black, purple

-I’ll be participating in the ATC swap to get my creative juices flowing in new ways.

-I also have sewing projects to explore. I haven’t thought much about this one, but I could possibly make four element-themed sewing projects. Bonus points if they collide with the sewing goals I already have.

-Socks! I’ll be making at least one pair of element-themed socks for each of the four periods. I don’t have any sock yarn in my stash for the Air element (yet), so I might skip socks for that element.

FIRE – Super Soxx
EARTH – Muddy Waters
AIR – ???
WATER – Rebel

-I also have plenty of other yarn in my stash that coordinates with the element colors. I’ll be going through them accordingly, matching them to projects in my Ravelry queue.

I urge anyone who’s considering starting PS3 to sign up. It really doesn’t require any kind of time commitment and it gives a bit of focus and inspiration to your creative endeavors.

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