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is Bainbridge, is not Bainbridge

January 31, 2008

In the past few weeks I’ve made two Bainbridge scarves, each less Bainbridge than the one before.

I’ve seen the Bainbridge all over blogs & Ravelry recently. It’s really becoming quite the trend. I decided to make one because I have lots of yarn and because lugging around a scarf sometimes gets to be too much and because my new coat is one of those great wool coats that can either have a folded down lapel or a buttoned up collar that a Bainbridge type scarf can lay under comfortably.

The first incarnation worked fine as far as the construction of the scarf was concerned, but I never added the ties. I began by wearing it with a pin as a fastener…

Bainbridge scarf

…and then I realized that it was much less trouble to wrap it around my neck twice as a kind of cowl. I’ve been wearing it this way ever since.

Then I went to Effiloché and bought some Colinette Jitterbug because I’ve always wanted some and couldn’t imagine making socks out of it, but thought it would be perfect for this project.

colinette jitterbug

I was mostly right. The gauge (I didn’t swatch) is nowhere near the pattern specifications, but making the tube according to the pattern results in a stretchy cowl/collar that is super, super warm. I made mine over five inches wide. I’m now wearing it with the pin again. Someday I plan on putting a golden button somewhere on it.

squishy & warm

…oh, and then I’ll weave in the ends.

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