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February 22, 2008

Here’s what I’ve been doing.

1. Finishing, trying on and subsequently ripping out half of the Schoolhouse Red Vest. I was kidding myself when I thought it would fit even though it looked huge. I have since proven to myself that ripping out half a vest is nothing to fret. I redid a big chunk of it last night at Ariadne’s knitting night and it’s growing. It won’t take long, and this time it will be much better.

2. Speaking of Ariadne, I went to their first Yarn Tasting Event on Sunday and it was awesome. (Naturally, mentioning this to Minou makes me look like a total hypocrite.) I never had that much fun swatching in all my life. It was nice just to sit and knit and enjoy the yarn without having a project to focus on.

yarn tasting swatches

Clicky for swatch details.

While at Ariadne I bought yarn for two more sweaters with my 15% discount. They’re for other Project Spectrum projects, so they’ll show up here sometime within the next six months. I’m slowly figuring out a plan for the rest of Project Spectrum that involves not only many different kinds of knitting projects, but also uses both yarns I already have as well as some new stuff.

3. I made my ATCs for the Project Spectrum swap. Here’s one :

Project Spectrum ATCs

It was a little thrown together out of ideas I had while in the shower. I kind of like it anyway though.

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