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February 26, 2008

Yesterday was a huge mail day for me. I got four packages, some of which I had been waiting for since the beginning of February and some that I had completely forgotten about.

First, I got my February Booty Club installment.

I Want Candy
I Want Candy

I really want to knit this up right away. It’s a colorway I’d never buy myself, but I sort of like it anyway.

I also got my Purl Soho order, which means I can finally take the pattern I bought (50% off!) last week at Fabricville and start making my own wardrobe.

Teal CorianderPear Manzanita

I had a fine afternoon today, my mood suddenly dropped, undoubtedly due to a completely unhealthy lunch. Regardless, I decided to dive right in to the sewing when I got home, but first I called my mom because my brain wasn’t interested in reading pattern instructions. “How do I do everything?” I pretty much asked, and she delved into the recesses of her 1960s Home Ec knowledge to help me figure out the only part I was interested in doing tonight, the pinning & cutting. Simple, I know, but this is my first time.

Everyone says to make a practice piece first in muslin, but I was never one to listen to anyone, or to be practical. I prefer diving right in, so here I go. The pieces are cut now, so there’s no going back. Everything’s a learning experience. Thank goodness my mom has so much faith in me.

My early evening grumpiness was fixed by successful pinning (on the second try), a certain making me dinner (and it was delicious!), kittens being adorable, and the nice little mug of Bailey’s, leftover coffee and milk that I still have here by my side.

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