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Schoolhouse Red Vest

March 2, 2008

We’re halfway through the first element of Project Spectrum, and the Schoolhouse Red Vest is done.

Schoolhouse Red U-Neck

It’s still a little big on top, and I’m not crazy about the width of the shoulders (even though I decreased more than recommended on the straps), but it’s staying the way it is. It keeps me really warm when I layer it over a thin sweater and a t-shirt.

Schoolhouse Red U-Neck

I have a little bit of the third skein left over and I didn’t touch the fourth skein at all, even with all the retooling that had to be done on the vest. This skein of red is just another color to add to my growing leftover Cascade 220 collection. Maybe someday I’ll make another throw with it all.

It remains to be seen how much use I’ll get out of this vest, but so far it’s a relatively successful knit. I’ll be taking a break from sweater-type-things for the month of March and then return to it for the Earth element in April. Keep your eyes peeled!

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