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a gusset heel

March 9, 2008

Since last week or so I’ve been knitting on two new projects : a Fire Clapotis and some No Purl Monkeys for my mother. They have a twelve and an eleven row pattern repeat (respectively), so I’ve been doing about one pattern repeat on each project each night. I knit a bit on the Monkeys, ending on a non knit-all row so I can see where I left off, and a drop stitch row on the Clapotis, because that’s the fun part.

Clapotis Scarf

I was working like this, that is, until yesterday evening when it started to snow like crazy.

c'est l'enfer!

Then it seemed like the perfect time to begin a new kind of heel.

I’ve made 23 pairs of toe-up socks using the short row heel, and I’m pretty happy with it, but I figured it wouldn’t kill me to try something new. I googled “toe up gusset” and found Wendy’s sock recipe. The only gusset I had ever done involved picking up stitches which I’m not fond of, but this one didn’t, and it worked out pretty well once I figured out how to adapt it to my stitch count (embarassingly, this took three tries because I suddenly forgot how to count completely).

trying out a new kind of heel

But now I have a gusset heel. And I never once had to use stitch markers! Learning is fun.

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