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No Purl!

March 14, 2008

No Purl Monkeys
Originally uploaded by amazing_podgirl

I have Monkeys!

These socks wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for all the snow on the ground and last week’s houseguest who was stranded here a few extra days. Once the snow started falling I worked on this sock until it was done, breezing through the gusset heel and right up the leg and through the inch of twisted ribbing while the boys in my house did all the food shopping and dinner cooking.

I love these socks and they fit me perfectly. The only problem is, they are not for me. My mom picked this yarn out (with my help, of course) at Effiloché when she was visiting for Christmas. The yarn purchase was an investment. Every time we visit each other I’m always tricking my mom into buying me sock yarn that I breathe life into at a later, undetermined date. It’s a pretty sweet deal, you see, because then she gets surprise socks in the mail. They are sometimes accompanied by coffee and chocolate.

The Monkeys were knit in Fleece Artist (the Monarch colorway, I believe) and the yarn has neither created two different colored socks, nor released a hemorrage of dye into the sink when I washed them, unlike every other skein of Fleece Artist I’ve worked with. Color me impressed.

So, even though I am so very tempted to wear these myself, I’ve washed them, photographed them and folded them and they’re patiently waiting for some Moonbean Coffee to accompany them to my mother’s door.
At least I know they’ll be loved.

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