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liberate your laceweight

March 27, 2008

I’ve knit some really nice lace in my time (Gold & Grace, Nubles, Cherry Red, Melon Scarf, Elaine, Woodland), but faced with the VLT Knitalong on January 1st my urge to knit lace sort of imploded. I’ve bought some lovely laceweight yarn in the past few months, but lace takes a lot of concentration, and I’ve been trying to knit socially more often. This leaves an error filled shawl, or no shawl at all.

Enter Liberate Your Laceweight, a great idea a read about on Amy Singer’s blog. (I didn’t really get to meet Amy or show her my liberated laceweight when I went to the Knitty Yarn Roundtable in Toronto last week, but I did see her liberated laceweight from across the room.) The idea is to take the laceweight yarn sitting in your stash and make it into something simple. All my yarn’s not going to knit itself, after all.

I hadn’t really realized until I was well into my Clapotis Scarf that it was, in fact, liberated laceweight. I had intended to make a gaudy Flower Basket Shawl from this bright yarn, but when the time came, I fantasized about having a light, drapey scarf for spring, and so that is what I did.

Clapotis Scarf
Clapotis Scarf

I wore this all weekend in Toronto, to Lettuce Knit, The Purple Purl and In The Loop, on the TTC and at the ROM and everywhere in between. (I only wish the Yarn Harlot had announced the Sock Picture Scavenger Hunt a week earlier so I could have participated with the sock I brought to Toronto!)

Clapotis Scarf
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