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April 3, 2008

Over a year ago, Wendy put out a call for 30 words to inspire a new set of paintings. I provided a word that was pretty important to me that time : Relief. I was in the midst of my projet de fin du bacc, and at the end of every day it seemed like I was one step closer to finishing, and one step closer to no longer having to deal with the unsavory goings on of the unequal partnership I had been saddled with from September to April.

My word was near the end of the list, and though Wendy took much longer getting through the list as she first planned, she did manage to hit my word right before my birthday of this year.

And then she sent me my painting.


I can’t tell you how perfect it is. He is counting sheep, after all! As soon as I find the proper frame I’m hanging it in my little sewing corner, which has been in need of some art for a while.

You can browse through the other 29 words (and photos of Wendy’s tiny new baby) on her blog.

I’ve also made it through another month with my photo-a-day project. March can be found here. On to April!

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