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Candy Everybody Wants

April 4, 2008

Here’s my last bit of knitting for the Fire element, a pair of Hederas.

I tried to make Hederas before, but the 4 row pattern repeat seemed too clunky. This time though, I had it memorized by the cuff. In fact, these socks flew off the needles in a mere thirteen days.

Hedera Socks

They were knit in Yarn Pirate merino/tencel, my favorite blend for lacy spring socks, in the February Booty Club colorway called I Want Candy. I figured I could get away with lumping it into the Fire element because it has pink, and that probably counts for something.

And I did the same toe-up gusset heel that I tried last time. I must say I’m really fond of this one. The whole sock feels better around the ankle, no doubt due to the increases. However, it does mess with the striping of the yarn as you can see, so you have to make important decisions and contemplate just how you feel about striping vs. pooling. Personally, I think getting a heel that looks this awesome was worth it, but I’d stick to the short rows for socks that have wide stripes (like the ones I have next in my queue).

heel gusset

Besides, the stripes came back. They always do.

Hedera Socks
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