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Hello Earth

April 6, 2008

I began the Hexacomb Cardigan on Tuesday. Instead of knitting it in the suggested cotton, I’m using wool. I wanted to make something with Whiskey ever since I first saw it in Ariadne, and now that dream has become a reality.


It’s so lovely to work with, so heathery and textured. I just started the arm decreases on the cardigan last night. The measurements don’t exactly look like I thought they would, but I’m crossing my fingers.


I’m also spinning up this lovely handdyed BFL I got at Ariadne called Mrs. Tiggiewinkle.

Mrs. Tiggiewinkle

I’m daydreaming about it someday being a Baby Surprise Jacket, even though I don’t know any babies. Maybe somebody I know will make one soon and then I can put a jacket on them.

Also, have you heard about Ravelraiser? Ravelry has pretty much revolutionized online knitting, and I feel pretty confident in giving them my hard earned money for the service they provide. The fact that you could win awesome prizes is only one more reason to donate.

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