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pants to skirt

April 10, 2008

As part of the last Crafting Day (a seasonal get together where my friends and I share our knowledge of how to make stuff with one another) I cut and prepared a pair of old jeans to be turned into a skirt. Then I came home and rather than change the needle on my sewing machine to a denim friendly one, I let the half finished project sit in a shoebox for nearly a month.

Perhaps the skirt knew better. Perhaps it knew it was not yet Spring.

Yesterday, instead of going to the gym like I promised myself I would since Monday I decided to sew the skirt instead. It went much easier than I thought it would. In fact I think it took less than an hour, though I wasn’t counting.

I love that it’s the right length, and that it’s flared just so, and that it’s so much more comfortable than the low rise, flared, odd fitting jeans that it used to be. In fact, I wore it when I went to the gym today. I kind of want to do this with more pants, but I barely have any as it is. I am intertaining the idea of doing it with a pair of non-denim ones though.

I’ll be thinking about it…

You can do this too. I used this tutorial.

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  1. April 14, 2008 6:13 pm

    Ha! You sound like me. I would rather craft than excercise any day! Your skirt looks great.


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