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tulips & leaves

April 15, 2008

Muir is going really well so far. I love how the merino/cashmere is knitting up.

I’ve been fantasizing about knitting more shawls. These two have caught my eye, though I’m pretty sure it’s only because of the colors of the yarn used. I could probably save myself the $20 for those patterns and just improvise something from her Knitting Lace Triangles book instead. (It’s an awesome book, I used it to make Elaine).

I’m in the market for more knitting podcasts. What do you listen to and like? I subscribe to Cast On, Knit Picks and Lime & Violet and I’ve tried and didn’t really like Knitters Uncensored or Stash & Burn. I prefer podcasts that discuss designers or techniques rather than banter about yarn and pattern lust. My collection of yarn & patterns is big enough as it is and I’d like having something that helps me in working through it.

Joe bought me these tulips on Sunday, just as my pink ones from the week before were on their way out. He did a really good job picking them out. They’re so bright!

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