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the center of the earth

April 29, 2008

Well, the Earth Element of PS3 is now half over and here’s where I am on my projects.

Muddy Waters – Done!

Hexacomb Cardigan – Done! It needs to be properly photographed, which may not happen until next week. I’m already marking it as a successful knit though.

Muir – Well, I’m through the second of thirteen pattern repeats. It doesn’t help that I can only knit on it when I’m doing little else or when no else is around (or talking to me). I’ve discovered that knitting on it during movie time with Mr. NotCharles is ideal. I’m halfway through the second pattern repeat. I expect it to stretch into the Air Element, which is convenient since I don’t really have a lace project for that one.

Mrs. Tiggiewinkle – So close to the end of this, and so close to starting the actual knitting of the Baby Surprise Jacket.

Stranded Socks – Yup, I started these right after attaching the last sleeve to my Hexacomb Cardigan. I’m using the Crusoe pattern, which I’ve knit before. I’m loving it, unlike last time. I think it has everything to do with the yarn. I’m using Yarn Pirate Kalamata on size 0 US needles and it’s making a deliciously thick fabric. It also helps that the colorway is a yummy green, purple and coppery rose combination.

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