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Pink Lady

May 13, 2008

As you may have guessed, there’s been a lot more spinning than knitting going on here ever since the wheel came along. About a week ago I got some superwash merino from Pigeonroof Studios (via The Sweet Sheep). I’ve spun with merino before and hated every minute of it but I figured I’d save this fiber for later when my spinning gets better (because eventually everything must) and then merino would be a breeze.

Well naturally I couldn’t wait. It was just sitting there calling to me. I mean look at it flaunting itself here.

This stuff was incredibly squishy and easy to spin. I must have had some bad merino before because this was nothing at all like the other stuff I’ve worked with. It even made a non fiber junkie squee in delight when she touched it.

This was the Pink Lady colorway, and may become another Baby Surprise Jacket even though I know 4oz. isn’t really enough for one. Superwash would surely be suited to those who balk at the idea of wool things for babies though.

Then again, I don’t know if a baby could really appreciate this lusciousness. At any rate, I’ll be rubbing this skein on my face and purring until I decide what to do.

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