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Bonne Chance

May 17, 2008

I’ve been yearning for a spring beret for rainy days, so when I saw this yarn while throwing fiber into my cart at The Sweet Sheep, I had to add it to the order. It’s the perfect color to match my lighter spring scarves. I  wanted to design my own beret type hat. Floppy berets don’t really look good on me, so I went with something simple. I feel like maybe I should have made it a tad floppier than this, but my friends assure me it’s cute anyway. After seeing the picture I’d have to agree.

It makes me feel kind of retro. I think it’s weird to have a hat that doesn’t cover your ears, but this hat isn’t really about warmth as much as it is about knitting a cross between a beret and a flapper hat, and I think I’ve succeeded.

I call it the Bonne Chance beret because it’s made with about half a skein of Dream In Color Smooshy in the Goodluck Jade colorway. It took less than a week to knit and fits right to the Earth element colors, as usual.

Today was a great day for a bike ride, and I obliged, though I wore a helmet and not this hat. However, in a perfect world I’d be wearing this hat, drinking coffee and riding my bike all at the same time.

I’ll be spending the rest of the afternoon plying this with this. You’ll hear all about it on Monday.

Happy weekend!

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