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Purple Hyacinth Haze

May 19, 2008

While looking through my dwindling fiber stash for something new to spin I noticed that I had two braids of roving that shared the same shade of purple, so I decided to take the 4oz of BFL (Spunky Eclectic’s Hyacinth) that I had lying around for nearly two years

and ply it with the 4oz of BFL (Spunky Eclectic’s Purple Haze) that came with my spinning wheel.

It took most of Thursday and Friday night to spin and ply the 8 oz of fiber and for some reason I had more Hyacinth left after plying the two colors together so I tried my hand at navajo plying for the first time, which I really liked. (Don’t have any photos of that though.)

I’m quite happy with the finished product. I don’t yet know what I’ll do with 8 or so ounces of fingering/sport weight handspun, but it’ll be something awesome, rest assured. The color combinations fit in with the PS3 Water Element (August/September), so I have a bit of time to plan something.

I’m now down to two 4oz braids of unspun roving and I don’t plan on taking a spinning hiatus anytime soon. Something serious needs to be done about that.

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