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The case of the missing malabrigo, or A random post that seemingly came out of nowhere

May 29, 2008

Sometime back in early 2007 I swapped several skeins of unwanted sock yarn out for other people’s unwanted Malabrigo. Since then, the Malabrigo has been sitting in my stash occasionally asking to be made into a hat for friends and husbands alike.

Like this skein of Olive which became the Camo Hat early this year.

Or the lovely Velvet Grapes which became Le Slouch back in November.

If you’ve ever touched it, or heard anything about it at all, you’d know that Malabrigo is incredibly soft and makes the comfiest headwear ever. People sigh with pleasure when slipping a handknit Malabrigo hat on their heads for the first time. No finer gift was ever given.

That being said, most of you know what became of the Camo Hat. It was sacrificed to the STM gods like almost all the other hats that came before.

So naturally, when I inquired about Le Slouch a few weeks ago I wasn’t all that surprised to learn that it was lost on New Year’s Eve in a large pile of hipster’s coats at Casa del Popolo.

I guess the most I can hope for is that somewhere in Montreal two heads will be stylishly warmer next winter, even if they’re not the heads I intended them to be.

I have two skeins of Rich Chocolate left. I’m not sure I should tempt fate with a gift this time. I think whatever I make with this it’ll be staying with me. That Malabrigo is a wily little rambler.

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