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August 8, 2008

Since today is a real live rainy day (as opposed to one that’s just threatening to rain), I’m not going to try and get anything done outside the warm cocoon of my apartment. And intead of telling you about a finished shawl like I planned on doing today, I’ll talk to you instead about what I have on the needles and what I’ve been doing lately.

1. I started 28Thirty last night at Stitch & Bitch, knit the entire collar and then ripped it out when i got home. I’ll oficially start it today, but not until I rewrite the pattern the way I want it to be knit so I don’t screw it up again.

2. I have a Pi Shawl with a partial border which I didn’t like at first, but now I think will be just fine.

3. I have socks that used to almost be socks (three times over) but don’t quite know what they want to be now. I’m deciding between Nutkin and Marigold.

4. I have a slight obsession with cold brewed iced Mokala with foamed soy milk in a Pom glass. The glass is long and narrow and when you put the foam in it slowly filters down into the coffee. You watch it swirl, and then you drink it.

5. I’m fantasizing about making one of these sweaters in this color.

6. I’m really happy that despite some poor cinema choices I’ve made lately (don’t ask) that I also went to see Surfwise, which was totally worth it.

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  1. August 8, 2008 11:37 pm

    I vote for Marigold! I think Nutkin is lovely but the pattern made my head spin. Marigold is a fun and fast knit.

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