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September 2, 2008

I let up on my posting schedule for most of August because of laziness… and because of the secret knitting I was involved in.

I finished these Fringe Bee socks back in June, but didn’t talk much about them once they were done because of their secret detail. They have buttons at the cuff, but I don’t have a photo of that. I do however have a photo of them on my mom’s feet. She is their intended recipient, after all.

More details on Ravelry.

I also (all the way back in July!) finished this lace scarf for my mom. Her birthday is this Friday and this yarn made me think of her when I found it at The Ginger Press in Owen Sound in early July. Instead of sending coffee and knitwear as I usually do, I had her come in person to get them.

The pattern was pulled together with the help of Knitting Lace Triangles. It uses medallion lace in the body and leaf lace on the edging. I’ve been wanting to make a medallion lace shawl for a while now and little shoulder shawls make the best gifts. They always make a big impression with a minimum of work involved. They contain just enough lace to look fantastic, but not so much that it becomes an impossibly overwhelming task for a gift.

I also test knit a bat for my friend FuzzyMitten, but with my mom visiting this weekend I didn’t have time to finish it. Seaming is the least fun part of projects, but maybe I’ll finish it later this week. The original bat is really cute in person and it would be nice to have a bat of my own by Halloween.

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