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blueberry pi

September 12, 2008

Hurricanes are pretty big news this time of year, so what better time to finish a spiraly Pi Shawl in a colorway named Tropical Storm.

I started this shawl right before going to visit my inlaws at the beginning of July and it was knit in the following places:

The border, which took forever, was taken from Victorian Lace Today. They call it a traditional Vandyke border, but I think it looks like waves and that’s why I chose it.

The border was a twelve row repeat, knit sideways, incorporating an edge stitch from the 576 stitches of the shawl every other row. This means I knit 1,152 rows of the border pattern. This is why it seemed like it was going nowhere, even after hours of work. But I managed to finish it!

And as my friend Suzen pointed out it does fit perfectly around my shoulders, much better than any triangular shawl ever has. It also fits in with the Water element (which is still going strong until the end of September), is super warm and fits right in with the colder weather we’re having.

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