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October 12, 2008

Well, it figures that the week I decide to attatch a zipper to a handknit sweater for the first time I come across (without even searching them out) two sources that advise against using a sewing machine. While I admit that both of these tutorials were helpful, I’m still using my machine to attach the zipper.

However, I ran into a bit of a snag trying to pin the zipper in place and realized I needed to find some way of making the zipper binding wider, so I went and bought some 3/4 grosgrain ribbon to sew the zipper to. Now the knitted fabric will have something more substantial to get attached to.

I said I’d have the zipper on 28Thirty by Monday and clearly that’s not going to happen. I’m aiming for getting it done Wednesday night. I really want to have it done for this coming weekend. It’s sort of my Rhinebeck sweater, but not, since I’m not going. I’ll explain it later though, hopefully Thursday and hopefully while wearing a successfully finished sweater!!

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  1. October 14, 2008 10:10 am

    Good luck with your zipper installation! The only one I’ve ever done was by hand because I don’t have a machine.

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