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birdsnest cowl

October 28, 2008

I’ve been just a little bit obsessed with hot liquids lately. Soup and tea, mostly. I can make soup 1,000 ways and cup after cup of tea warms my hands without making me bounce off the walls. My favorite is Stash tea because they’re not kidding around. It actually tastes like what it says on the box, unlike most other teas I’ve had which are just foul tasting leaves in a paper sack that leave you with slightly flavored hot water no matter how long you steep them. Seriously, they have a Double Bergamot Earl Grey. I feel like I’ve died & gone to heaven. I like my tea like I like my pussy cats, strong and warm, with a spoon stuck in them.

Anyway, here’s me on my way out the door to go get soup, wearing the Birdsnest Cowl, totally handspun and handknit. I thought I wouldn’t have enough fiber to make a substantial cowl, but it works just fine.

Then this afternoon I discovered a hole in that blue sweater, which I just bought last weekend. Lucky for me it’s just a busted seam and lucky for the sweater I’m a knitter.

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