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December 12, 2008

Petit Pains Show is this weekend, it actually starts today. I’ll be hitting it up looking for some of my favorites from last year. I need some more handmade soap and a new coffee mug.

As for my gift knitting, I’ve decided on the Habitat hat. I’m making the large size, since it claims it will fit over the ears of a S/M head. Here’s hoping that’s true and hat it’s not ridiculously oversized. So far it looks fine and the cable pattern is quite easy to follow. I’m loving the way this yarn is knitting up.

The mittens that are part of this set need afterthought thumbs. I’m a bit nervous about doing this, but I know it’s possible and that it’ll work out just fine. I’m thinking of digging into that tonight, armed with liquor, naturally.

The data on my hard drive looks to have been completely recovered, so you can uncross your fingers for me.

And I’m starting to plan out my post-holiday, non-gift knitting, which means I need to start matching queue to stash, winding skeins and collecting suitable needles to take in my suitcase. I’m leaving in less than a week now!

This week was kind of stressful and overwhelming, but I feel like I got over a lot of it yesterday through the therapeutic act of cookie baking, friendly chatting, knitting and staying in my pyjamas for most of the day.

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