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Habitat redux

December 14, 2008

We went to the Tricot Machine Christmas show last night. It was a totally awesome Christmas experience. Tricot Machine is a great band. They spend a lot of time on the little details and it adds a whole layer to their live shows. Last night had a children’s choir, a brass band, a bear, and a hunter who shot confetti into the audience.

However, as for mes tricots I have very bad news about the Habitat hat. After knitting a huge chunk of it at Thursday night’s stitch & bitch, I finished it off Friday morning and set it out to block. I tried it on last night and it was HUGE. Like, impossibly huge. It has now been ripped out and restarted. I know this sounds crazy. I was so in love with the finished product, but I want this hat to fit the person it’s intended for and frankly it was a bit big on Mr. NotCharles’ head. When I thought about it it made sense to restart. I made that hat in three days, and I essentially have four days before I leave for Christmas and one five hour train ride. In those terms, how could I not redo the hat?

Besides, the mittens are done, done, done. The afterthought thumbs were nowhere near as difficult as I made them out to be. I owe this to the super stickiness of the Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, which also lends itself well to cabling without a cable needle. I did find the thumbs to be tedious though, and if these weren’t a gift knit I probably would have left them lingering another day or two.

Today I’ll be cleaning, packing, present wrapping and baking, but I’ll be trying my best to fit a few rows in here and there. All our Christmas shopping was finished yesterday, so we’ve declared today stay-at-home day.

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