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Top 5 of 2008

December 30, 2008

Here’s a look back of my favorite knits of this year and a little update on them.

Habitat Hat – gifted to my sister-in-law for Christmas was knit twice in a span of six days. Luckily, it was well received. I love the way the cables look in the off white tweedy yarn.

Hexacomb – This one has risen to super popularity on Ravelry, but I’ve only worn it a few times. Montreal’s climate doesn’t work very well with a cropped wool sweater, but this is still one of my favorite knits of the year. Reynolds’ Whiskey is a fantastic yarn that steam blocks beautifully, and thanks to Ysolda, and the afternoon spent at Ariadne, the finishing on this sweater is the best work I’ve done to date. It’s one of my favorites because it marks the beginning of my venture into proper finishing techniques. I’ve never been happier with my seams.

Pi Shawl – began sometime in July and finished in September, I knit the Pi Shawl throughout the summer, on beaches in Quebec & Ontario and on park benches and during knitting meetups in Montreal. This is probably my most memory-filled knit this year. I look at it and remember Scrabble games in Gaspesie, movies with friends and teaching other knitters to yarn over and knit two together.

Modified 28Thirty – This was my Ravelympics project, and while I did knit steadily through the Olympics, I didn’t end up weaving the ends in until a cold day in November. The sweater warmed me up immediately and has been doing so ever since. This one will definitely was the most wearable knit of 2008. It’s cozy, warm, fits perfectly and gets lots of compliments.

Little Sweater – A very special sweater made for a very special baby.  Handspun and knit through August, September and October, this tiny sweater was gifted in November to a baby who decided to show up a bit early in December. I made the sweater to fit 6-12 month olds, so it’ll be a while before he can wear it, but when he does I’m sure it will be cozy and warm, and certainly not his last handknit sweater.

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