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March 13, 2009

I don’t know if it’s too premature to declare March handspun month, but I have been spinning (and knitting with handspun) like a fiend lately.

I instantly fell in love with this little braid of merino tencel I found at Ariadne a week ago. I had to come home and spin it right away.

The color reminds me of baby chicks, so that’s what I’ve named it. I’m thinking of using it in a spring hat.

The next day I spun up this merino from Projekt B that had also been calling to me.

This is the Miami Vice colorway and as much as I contemplated keeping the skein for myself (I think it would make an awesome hat) it will soon be for sale at Ariadne.

Then on Wednesday night, my friend Allison and I had a quiet version of our weekly chatty-crafty dinner and I started this crazy braid of popsicle colored merino on the bobbin.

This is from Space Romantic, in the Punch colorway. It’s still sitting on the bobbin waiting to be plied. I’m hoping to get to that today. Then it’ll be time to decide which roving to dig into next. Yay, spinning!

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