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May 21, 2009

I finished and blocked Amelia before going to Ottawa this weekend just so she could get her photo taken there.

Bringing her actually turned out to be the best idea ever since the weekend was colder than we expected and I had to wear her both Sunday and Monday to keep warm!

I knit this sweater so fast (three weeks total), with none of the dilly-dallying that tends to happen with most of my sweaters. Usually I hit a point where I get a bit unsure of everything and let it rest for a while before continuing, but that was not the case here.

Part of the reason for my speed was the fear that I’d run out of yarn. Somehow, knitting faster was supposed to prevent that, and it worked like a charm. I knit this in a size large, which according to the pattern should have taken 1575 yards. I bought six skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in this lovely discontinued colorway back at Christmas (it was 40% off and tax free!) and there was little chance I’d get more in the same dyelot. But I’m happy to say that six skeins was MORE than enough and I have nearly one whole skein leftover. I didn’t do any clever, yarn-saving tricks, other than knit the sleeves a bit shorter than suggested, which I do for nearly every pattern. So, the final word is that I knit Amelia with LESS THAN 1290 YARDS, nowhere near the recommended yardage for that size.

The first time I put this sweater on I was so happy. It’s so cozy. I’ve never made a sweater that fit this well and went so smoothly from start to finish. I love the smooshy cuffs and the neat raglan sleeves and twisted ribbing. I’m thinking this sweater will get a lot of use.

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