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July 5, 2009

In the next few weeks I hope to catch up on telling you all about the stuff I’ve been knitting for the past few months. I’ve been bad at taking photos of what I’m working on lately, but I think I rectified that this week.

First up, my finished Icarus.

I finished this shawl back at the beginning of June. Icarus was a super easy knit, since the body of the shawl is just stockinette with some yarn-overs. I’m getting into a huge silk phase and this yarn just made me even hungrier for it. It’s part of Blue Moon‘s Raven collection, bought during my trip to Toronto last Easter. The yarn is 100% superfine silk and it feels so nice on my shoulders. It’s going to look nice with a dress too, if I ever wear one again.

I made this shawl because I wanted to have a big, comfy, handknit to bring to classes in the fall. I’m going back to school in September to study Graphic Design and my schedule will be awfully full (classes from 9-5 every day) until December. I figured I should get as many big projects underway as possible this summer, so I can wrap myself in handknits as a consolation for not being able to knit as often as I can now.

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