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July 29, 2009

I’m back in Montreal and slowly uploading the photos from my last few days in NJ. I’ve been wanting a new camera for a little while now. I think I’ve outgrown my first digital camera (received all the way back in December of 2005) and exploited everything it can do, and I also think that a new camera would take clearer and better looking pictures. That being said, a new camera isn’t in the cards right now, so I’m trying to appreciate the one I have. I know my next one probably won’t have the swivel screen that I have come to adore (I haven’t seen one like it anywhere lately) and it will probably take me a while to learn how to use it, just like this one did. I’ve also been playing with photo editing software. I know I’ll learn a ton of new stuff when I start school in less than seven weeks, so I’m trying to enjoy making discoveries while I still don’t know what I’m doing. There’s something to be said for learning things accidentally.

I listened to a podcast earlier this week that featured an interview with Annie Leibovitz. The interview was very interesting, she talked about the limits of photography, the accessibility of cameras and presenting your photos, but what struck me the most was her saying that you don’t really need top of the line equipment to take interesting photos. It’s all about content and being able to observe.

I’m really happy with this photo. It’s one of many that I took of the old carousel at Asbury Park last week. Much thanks to Mr. NotCharles for suggesting that we go. It prompted one of the most fruitious photo shoots I’ve had in a while.

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