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fiber update

September 12, 2009

Turns out I haven’t shown off my AVFKW club fiber since April. I have no idea how that happened. Since I’ve finally taken some photos in the lovely mid-September light, I can now show off the lovely things that have been gracing my doorstep for the last few months.

April : Corriedale in The Candle’s Nimble Flame

May : Superwash BFL in Pointillism

June : Wensleydale in Intergalactic Space Travel

July : Falklands in Hollyhock

August : Targhee in Hibiscus

I haven’t spun February’s Targhee (oops, don’t have a photo of that one either) yet, and I’m sort of wondering if it’s because it was meant to be plyed with August’s. The colors are similar, but I worry that their nuances would be lost if they were put together. I’m actually a little scared to spin the Targhee since I’ve never worked with it before and it’s so pretty.

(Here’s a little peek back at what I’ve done with my other fibers : December, January, March.)

School starts Monday, and I’m looking forward to coming home and spinning in the evenings. I may try to spin one night a week for a while and see how far it gets me. My fiber box is getting full after all, and September’s bump is coming soon!

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