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herringbone socks

September 22, 2009

Since they arrived at their destination last week I can now show you the Herringbone Socks.

I knit these two at a time and for the first sock I was wondering why the Koigu felt so different. I realized during the second sock that it wasn’t Koigu at all, but some Ella Rae Merino my mother had bought when I was visiting her. (She’s removed all the labels off of the yarn she buys, so there’s no way of telling what’s what anymore).

These socks knit up pretty fast, if I remember correctly.

My classes started last week. School has its good and bad points, but I think overall I’m enjoying it. I started a new pair of socks this week and finished up some other knits. I’m awfully behind in uploading photos at the moment, but hopefully that will get resolved soon. Then I can show you my handspun wristwarmers!

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  1. September 22, 2009 10:42 pm

    What an interesting heel (from your Flickr set)!

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