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long weekend

October 11, 2009

I’m now in the midst of a three day weekend. I had quite a few goals for this weekend and I’d say I’ve accomplished about half of them so far.

Some of my classes are finishing this week and some finished last week, so I’ve had several final projects to deal with already. This means I’ve been busier and I’ve chosen not to post here or do some of the weekly social things I do just so I could have some time to myself.

I have been knitting though, and I’ve even been wearing some of my finished knits since the weather’s getting chillier around here.

I’m about to enter these hand warmers in the Verb For Keeping Warm mitten contest. You may remember that I brought my spindle on vacation this summer. It only took a little while to get back into spindle spinning and I did actually enjoy it as a vacation activity. It’s nowhere near as portable as knitting socks, but it was nice to be able to draft fiber on long car rides and spin singles after dinner on my in-law’s deck, or on my mother’s sun porch.

The singles were plied together in a true three ply, no navajo plying here. This was the first time I did it this way, and it wasn’t very easy without bobbins.

The mitts were knit mostly in the evenings, but once I picked them up and looked at the during the day I had to keep working on them in that light, since I only then realized that they were more rainbow colored than the grey I thought they were.

Warm they are, yes, and I even have yarn left over for a little cowl or something small like that.

My class schedule will be a bit lighter for the rest of October, starting this week. Hopefully that means I’ll be sharing more finished knits with you.

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