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Escher socks

October 24, 2009

I hadn’t made a pair of socks for myself since July, and since I found myself in Toronto last month to see U2 and had a bit of free time during the day, I went to Lettuce Knit and bought myself some Koigu. I really liked knitting with it on the Punctuated Rib socks I made for my mom back in August.

I used the Escher pattern from Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns. I think I’ve pretty much got my money’s worth out of that book now that I’ve made three different pairs of socks from it. It really does have some great patterns for handpainted yarn (just like the title says, go figure) and I know I’ll be pulling it off the shelf again soon since my mom has specifically requested more socks from it.

The skeins of Koigu I chose reminded me of both the fall season and Sesame Street, specifically Bert & Ernie.

Speaking of socks, I’ve already started another pair from the new Cookie A book that I bought a few Fridays ago after a stressful week of classes. I needed something that was simple (socks) yet complex (tons of cables) to hold my interest. School has been okay so far (my session is officially half over and I’ve even received some grades already) but there are some things about it that get under my skin too.

The new socks are pretty much the polar opposite of these, colorwise. But no peeking until they’re done! I have a week of crazy assignments and awesome concerts ahead of me, but I’m hoping to work on them whenever I can.

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