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love day

February 15, 2010
  • I’m trying out a post in bullet form today. I’m inspired by these posts, which I quite enjoy. I’m interested to know what you think.
  • Mr. NotCharles & I exchanged Valentines last night. I made him French Toast and a very complex love-themed mixtape and he accompanied me to a big yarn sale and took me out to dinner. Dinner involved awesome delicious things like Lychee Sangria, Crab & Lobster Risotto with Mascarpone & Saffron, Scallops with Passion Fruit Relish, and more things that I don’t remember but they were all very good. There was a different wine for each course, and a special dessert wine to finish it all off. So yummy.

  • The Oxford Scarf, knit out of the oldest yarn in my stash finally found its way to its intended recipient this week. As I mentioned while making it, I figured out soon after casting on who it was for and it turns out she loves it a lot and totally appreciates that it’s handmade. I only wish I had the chance to take a photo of her wearing it.
  • The next handmade gift is finished and waiting patiently for its owner to receive it. More news on that in March.
  • I was going to participate in the Ravelympics, but I’m realized that I just don’t care about the Olympics that much to organize my knitting around them. The fact that some social engagement prevented me from casting on during the opening ceremonies kind of sealed the deal. At any rate, I’m still planning on knitting this sometime soon.
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  1. February 15, 2010 5:46 pm

    I hear ya about the whole olympics thing. I’m just glad that Canada won a gold this weekend so I won’t have to hear Lloyd Robertson or Donald Sutherland go on about it anymore.

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