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morning frost

May 15, 2010

I mentioned a few posts back that I had a spontaneous little project going alongside my many pairs of socks. Well, here it is.

I picked up the latest copy of Spin Off while in Toronto, mainly for the article about Montreal, but there was also a cute little cowl pattern inside. Usually when I start knitting something with handspun I end up ripping it out seventy billion times because I usually have no clue about the yardage of the handspun I’m using. Oddly enough, that kind of thing didn’t happen at all with this project.

I dug this handpun out of my stash where it had been sitting for no less than three years (Flickr confirms this). The wool/alpaca blend from Fleece Artist was spindle spun back when I was still pretty much a beginner.

Origin on the spindle

And I cast on, tried a picot edge for the second time ever and threw in some inconspicuous rows of 2-ply polwarth in natural brown when I got worried about running out of yarn. But it turns out the yardage I had was perfect for three pattern repeats and a picot bind off too, which was good enough for me.

Frosty Mornings Cowl

I know it’s a bit odd to knit an alpaca cowl in May, but I got to wear it for the first time last weekend when it SNOWED on Mother’s Day. It was pretty awesome, actually.

Here’s to using stuff that’s been laying around forever to keep us warm when it snows in May!

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