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May 19, 2010
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When I went to Toronto back in mid April I started a pair of socks on the train. As I’m sure you can guess if you’ve been paying attention, they were yet another pair from Sock Innovation.

The yarn is Silky Sock from Great Adirondack in the Coffee Break colorway. I don’t remember why I chose to knit Angee with this yarn. I think it had something to do with yardage and random numbers.


I didn’t knit much on them while in Toronto, just a row here and there. But I did work on them on the train ride home (in business class while swimming in free booze) and finished them up a few days after I returned to Montreal. They were an easy knit and the yarn was nice, though I’m uncertain as to how it will wear. I slipped these on for the first time last weekend when it snowed and they were super cozy, but the yarn kind of got a white film of feltiness on the soles, a lot like another pair of socks I have with silk in them. My goal in buying sock yarn for this whole Sock Innovation project has been to only buy stuff with small percentages of nylon in it since I’m tired of getting holes in my socks so soon after making them. I find silk and alpaca to be pretty durable too, but I’ve found that a bit of nylon is best.

Next up in the Sock Innovation KAL over at Round the Twist is Eunice, so I’ll be following along with that one. My Cookie A Mystery Socks have been ripped out after an annoying mistake I made last night and didn’t feel like fixing, so suddenly my sock knitting queue seems a bit lighter and I have an extra skein of yarn to dedicate to more Sock Innovation socks.

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  1. May 19, 2010 10:06 am

    You had to rip out the mystery socks? Smelly!

    ps. I like the new header pic.

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