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La Cumparsita

May 21, 2010

Back In February I was going to participate in the Ravelympics, but then decided not to at the last minute. I ended up only watching one event during the Olympics, and it inspired me to knit something else. When I saw this performance from Joannie Rochette, I had the brilliant idea to knit the shawl of the same name, La Cumparsita from some red cobweb laceweight I bought from a fellow raveler in late January.

So, in March and April I knit along on this shawl, figuring it would be great to have something lovely and red to go with the rest of my shawl wardrobe.

The problem is, as I figured out once the shawl was blocked, I don’t have a lot of clothes that go with this color red, and the shawl is more delicate looking than most of my others. I figured I would just wear it with a black dress someday to something fancy, and that it wouldn’t really be the everyday red shawl I envisioned. I held off (or forgot) to photograph it for a while and ended up taking it to the semi-regular crafting day that I have with my lady friends, and that’s where everything changed. Our mid-day conversation turned to talk of the loveliness of a certain someone’s shoulders and soon after the same certain someone was modelling the shawl for me.

La Cumparsita

Well, modelling and reveling in the wearing of the shawl was more like it. Every other sentence out of her mouth was something about how much she liked the shawl and how cozy it was, and how nice it was to wear…

La Cumparsita

So naturally, I had to give it to her. This is the year of the gift knit after all, and this is exactly the type of gift knitting I planned on doing, the kind that ends up finding its rightful home through a series of normal everyday circumstances.

La Cumparsita

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