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annual spring spinning roundup

May 29, 2010

Oh spinning. It seems as if I get obsessed with it every Spring. This year though, I have a partner in crime, and since she just acquired a new Ladybug we decided to have a little Spin In last week.

As a warm up, I spun last July’s offering from AVFKW fiber club, 3oz of Falklands in the Hollyhock colorway.

Then on the day of the Spin In, I worked on the Superfine Merino portion of A King’s Ransom (no photos of that yet) and some Caracol SW Merino from Pigeonroof Studios that I’ve had in my fiber bin for almost two years.

I plied the singles in the days that followed and spun up the Merino Silk half of A King’s Ransom into a chunky single, which is exactly what I’ve always dreamed of doing with merino silk blends.

I’m enjoying the fact that I feel like I’m finally in control of my wheel. I feel much more equipped to make decisions about how I want the fiber spun, and I’m better at executing those decisions and making them a reality. It was slow going with this wheel at first, but I finally feel like I’ve come into my own. And now I’m kind of on fire. Having a spinning partner helps too. I never realized how not being able to discuss my technique with someone else was holding me back in some ways.

As I may have mentioned before on this blog, my goal is to only have fiber that will fit in the fiber box and no more. This keeps me from going overboard, but with a fiber club membership coming each month the box was getting a bit overloaded. Well, I felt so proud that I had freed up all that space in my fiber box after the Spin In that I promptly took advantage of a Pigeonroof Studios shop update. No worries though. I’ve been spinning since then and the box situation is under control, for the moment.

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  1. June 1, 2010 5:29 pm

    Wow, I’m so glad to hear you had as much fun as I did. It was super great to have another spinner to talk to about fibre, techniques and such. I mean I talk with Mr. Peabody about spinning sometimes, but it’s hard to extrapolate new strategies of dealing with fibre when he doesn’t really spin (though he has the stash). He didn’t get addicted to the crack quite like I did, but then again I’m a much more tactile.

    I’ve now started spinning super finely and have moved up a wheel ratio since our spin-in. I might have to get more bobbins before our next on.

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