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I told you I was freaky

July 1, 2010

Oh look, it’s July.

A lot of people over on Ravelry and I guess elsewhere are all abuzz about the Tour de Fleece. From July 3rd to July something-or-other people are setting all sorts of spinning goals for themselves and wearing different colored shirts and joining teams. As Sarah so eloquently explained in her latest blog post, we’ve decided to do something a bit different.

For the whole month of July we’ll be spinning up the freak fibers. I’ve mostly decided to spin “vegan” fibers, but there’s some other stuff on my list too. Here’s what’s on the menu :

That last one has the bonus of being my Summer Spindle Project, which is happily becoming an annual thing. Last year I made some lovely 3-ply BFL. I won’t be starting that until later in the month since it’s also a vacation project. I’ll be working with some of my AVFKW Club Fiber.

At the moment I’ve started drafting the Silk Hankies, since I had those in my stash already (since 2007). The Bamboo will be courtesy of Sarah and whichever of the others makes its way to me first gets next spin.

I’ve also agreed to teach a friend who is allergic to animal fibers how to spin sometime this month.

So that’s some of what I’ve got going on for July. How about you?

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