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silk hankies

July 7, 2010

Part of the reason I’m doing a Fear Factor Challenge for Tour de Fleece is not only to try new things without worrying aboout messing them up, but to train myself to do more prepping when it comes to my spinning. So often I just jump in to my spinning without thinking that much about what I’m doing. Most of the time I’m happy with the results I get (spinning is pretty magical after all), but occasionally I wish I had taken the time to think about what I was doing before I did it.

My first Fear Factor Spin was spinning up the silk hankies I bought at the PNE in Vancouver almost 3 years ago.

silk hankies

As per the instructions in Spin Control (and lots of internet tutorials) I took each individual layer and drafted them into their own little nests. This took a while and I don’t have the greatest photos of it because it happened after dark and under the influence of wine.


The final product is a pretty little mini skein of laceweight, sandwiched between the rest of what I spun this week.


The top (yellow) is a silk BFL blend from my AVFKW Club fiber, and bottom is also from the club, but it’s a Falklands called Tiger Lily. Those two were spun up at the last Spin In where we had a bit of an 80s movie festival.

More photos of these lovelies to come on Flickr. Keep on eye on things over there if you’re interested.

The prep was worth it, of course. I’m very happy with the skein. The hankies only weighed 16 grams and they were a nice into to fiber preparation and spinning silk.

Next up, a bamboo batt!

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