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July 14, 2010

In contrast to the silk hankies where I took my time drafting and prepping the fiber, I dove right into spinning the bamboo batt, which caused a lot of fuss. Most of the first half of the batt was spun with much trepidation. I kept thinking I was spinning it “wrong” and couldn’t quite decide what I was doing with it. I wavered as I was spinning. First I was going to blend the colors as I spun, then I thought could split up the colors, then I went back and forth between these two choices several more times while spinning it and fretting about the outcome. I also considered making a 2-ply yarn, singles and even chain plying it.

bamboo on the bobbin

In the end, I just sort of let go (what else could I do?) and as last week’s heat wave set in I just wanted to get the batt spun. It seemed to take forever as fiber was sticking to my sweaty hands and I spun and spun and spun.

But now it’s yarn!

bamboo yarn

I ended up going with the chain ply idea and I’m glad I did. The spinning is pretty even and I like the way the colors are blended.

bamboo yarn

The batt was interesting to spin and I am quite happy with the resulting yarn, though I think next time I’d prefer bamboo in a blend with wool.

Next up… Seacell!

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