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patchwork bag party

September 17, 2010

My lady friends and I recently had a little crafting party, as we do from time to time. We received some fabric from a faraway friend back in the spring and decided to use it to make some patchwork bags.

the goods

Everyone brought some fabric from their stash and we met up at a friend’s new apartment, which coincidentally happened to be located in a building that was a former textile mill. We were in the zone. We chose our fabrics and decided how they would be pieced. I worked on my hexagon quilt, and passed the hex along to a friend. We swooned over macarons…

…hung out and chatted, sewed and crafted until late. I sewed my fabric bits together on my own machine once I got home.

My bag still isn’t done, but it will be. The scrap idea finally gave me a chance to use that bit of crazy psychedelic puzzle-piece faces fabric I got at a sale several years ago. I’m enjoying how the fabrics range from pale clovers and stripes to glazed ham with olives, candied fruit extravaganza, watermelon dots, russian doll party and finally, total acid trip. It reminds me of my friends, which was kind of the point of the whole thing.

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