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honey cowl

December 21, 2010

As I mentioned on my last post, I haven’t been wearing Hawthorne that much since I switched over to my winter coat, because of another project, and here it is.

The Honey Cowl only took a few days to knit. It’s made out of 7 oz of two very similar shades of A Verb For Keeping Warm Targhee (Hibiscus & It’s A Lovely Day, both from the fiber club) that I spun up about a year ago. It’s thick and lovely and has been keeping me warm in -10C weather.

I’ve been day dreaming about oversized cowls lately, like this one, and this one, but since I mentioned that I was wearing this instead of Hawthorne I’ve decided to switch it up a bit. I wore Hawthorne all this weekend and got lots of compliments on it. I think it’ll end up being my dressier scarf for slightly warmer weather like we’ve been having the past few days (-3C and such), and I’ll reserve the Honey Cowl for when I’m trying to keep as warm as possible.

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