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March 6, 2011

Well, this post has been a long time coming. It often happens that off-season knits never get used properly. They come off the needles, maybe they get blocked soon after, but since they’re not going to be worn anytime soon they kind of get cast aside for a while. This was kind of the case with my Herbivore. Here’s the story.

Back in October I was getting ready to go to Italy, and I guess I needed something on the needles. I grabbed a pattern that looked simple, called for my favorite needles (addi turbos, if you please), and a skein of yarn that I was saving (because knitting with it is kind of better than wearing it).

I remember casting on during the long flight to London, and messing up, and starting over and getting bored of knitting on a plane. I also remember knitting for a bit in Florence, on a train (probably from Naples to Rome or Milan) and getting a whole lot done on the flight back from London to Montreal.

Then, on Halloween, I had a shawl. However, a flowy, silky shawl is not very useful during November in Montreal, so this piece has been waiting for its time. I only just got around to photographing it last week.

It may be perfect for spring though, which is right around the corner.

Pattern info

Yarn info

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