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March 14, 2011

Back in June I participated in the International Sock Swap. The idea was to knit a pair of tube socks for a partner. Meanwhile, someone else was knitting a pair for you. Once your socks arrived it was time to make an afterthought heel. I thought this was a pretty good idea since I’d never done an afterthought heel before, and tube socks were pretty much the ideal summer knit.

I received my socks in September, but only got around to putting in the heels this week. I was looking for something to do and cutting open a sock seemed like the right idea.

My partner made the socks on US 2.5 needles, and I tried the heel with that size first, but I should have known that it would be too loose. I always have to go down at least one needle size to get gauge. I knit an entire heel in the 2.5 just to figure out how it worked before ripping it out though. The final heels were knit with US2 needles, though I really should have gone down another size to get the gauge my partner did. Now I understand why so many people use 2-2.5 needles on their socks and freak out when I mention sometimes using size US0 needles. My knitting is, shall we say, relaxed.

Overall, the heel placement is okay, but it could be better. Not bad for a first try. I don’t really see myself making afterthought heels again though, especially since socks fit better if you make the heels as you go. I did something new though, and that was fun.

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