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April 28, 2011

My mom has been picking on me and telling me to blog more, but I’ve been busy and not really taking many photos. Also, people seem to have missed the part when I mentioned I was also over here, participating in what can only be described as music bloggery. I post once a week, sometimes more, but it’s not at all like what goes on over here with The Craft and all. And yes, I’ve once again placed a link inside a cryptic and probably unclear sentence. That is how I express myself.

Anyway, back in February knitbot was having an Etsy sale and I scored a Featherweight kit. I had been meaning to make this sweater for a while, but I had trouble finding matching skeins of Malabrigo Laceweight in a suitable cardigan color in real, live knitting stores. Buying a kit took that problem away. I thought this would be a quick little knit, but stockinette in laceweight on size 6US needles is not only boring, it’s also endless. I am plugging away at it though, mostly at times where super mindless knitting is required.

It’ll be a sweater someday.

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