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Echo Flower Shawl

July 11, 2011

Don’t you hate when you’re trying to blog regularly and then everything in your life turns upside down, including your computer, and you don’t even know how to begin to get back to where you were? Well, that kind of happened over here.

However, well before that I was knitting something. And well before that (let’s say, February of 2008) I bought myself this skein of Pigeonroof Siren for my birthday.

And then it sat untouched in my stash for about three years.

I picked it up again after seeing Sarah’s Echo Flower Shawl, which I tried to make first in handspun too, and then ripped out after realizing it wasn’t the best mix of yarn and pattern.

Ravelry says I knit up this Echo Flower Shawl between Feb 20th and March 7th. I guess that was pretty quick. From what I remember, it was a fun knit. I don’t mind purling nine together to make a nupp when I can cheat (usually by slipping 6 or so, purling the rest together and then passing the slipped stitches over). It makes for a neater nupp, too.

And since Sarah’s Echo Flower was a gift for someone else, mine ended up being a gift for her.

It seems that ever since I declared 2010 the year of the gift knit I’ve been having trouble holding on to my knits. I’ve gifted 4 out of 11 knits this year. It’s a trend I’d like to continue, since I already have so many hand knit things as it is, and I don’t forsee quitting the knit anytime soon.

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